Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Features of Concrete Floors

Stained concrete is a creation that is accessible by various attractive concrete companies and contractors. a lot of have overseen and prepared diverse decorative concrete systems both for housing homes and profitable establishments' portico, driveways, sidewalks, pond decks and supplementary concrete surfaces. Amongst the services presented is concrete staining.

Concrete Flooring Houston

Stain Concrete floors Houston is an enormous benefit to your industry in Houston. They are fresh (it is predictable that a stained concrete floorboard saves you 15% to 26% yearly on your heating/cooling bill depending on the sum of concrete flooring you include on the building), simple to clean (moist mop), and simple to preserve (apply wax when required). The simply spills that will harm them are solvents and strong acids, not products typically used in your house or business.

Features of Stained Concrete Floors

Great durability: Concrete is a tremendously tough flooring. A stained concrete floor is blot/scuff resistant, can be swamped without smash up, and will not become paler from ultraviolet light contact. With negligible maintenance, your concrete floors will last evermore. If you make a decision to go with one more floor in the future, the prep is negligible to cover up stained floors.

Maintenance: numerous people in Houston have existing concrete floors and countertops in their houses or places of work and are become astonish how to revitalize them. Stain concrete floors Houston can assist you with this trouble. Call to Houston concrete floors services to have a look and provide you a thought of what can be prepared. In general, purely cleaning them and applying a bright coat of sealer is all that is required for the floors brand new.

Mimics the Look of Natural Stone Floors

One of the benefits of acid-stained concrete flooring is that it can be shaped to imitate the appearance of a number of high-end stones, together with slate, sandstone, travertine, tiles, and granite. Once the veining effect is made, the concrete can be marked with the suitable colors to craft the look of natural stone floors. In fact, a lot of people cannot yet tell the dissimilarity between natural stone floors and acid-stained floors merely by looking at them.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Why Use Stained Concrete Floor?

Staining is by far the most famous method that is used today to enhance the look of the commercial and the residential concrete floors. There are a lot of ideas for stained concrete floor patterns, you just have to find the one you think is right for you.

The concrete floors are quite versatile in nature, thereby, allowing the people who opt for it, to achieve any look they are looking for. With the help of the stain, you can add subtle hints of different colors, add bolder designs accent, or even add customized graphics- the choice is yours! You can apply stains to the new floors, or the existing ones- they work equally well for both. The concrete stains have the ability to penetrate deep into the surface, plus they are fade-resistant. This means, that unlike a paint, it won’t flake off.

You can choose from an acid-base chemical stains, or the water-based ones. However, if you are looking to move beyond the subtle color theme, you should go for the latter one. This is because, just like water paints, you can mix and match the different colors to come up with a new collection of colors of your choice.

The options and choices you have are endless. Concrete stained floor patterns are the new thing in town. Look out for it and see what is it that you want. If you are looking to keep the things simple, the best thing is to use one stain color only. Make sure you select for the color that complements your home d├ęcor.

For all the daring people out there, you can opt for the multiple stained colors if you are looking to create customized looks for your home. Although, the most common shades for the stains are gray and brown, don’t be nervous to try new and bolder shades like blue, black. Like mentioned earlier, the options are unlimited. It’s time to play wild with your imagination.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Numerous Benefits Of Stained Concrete Floors

Stained concrete is a recent entrant in the market and yet it has managed to create quite a stir due to its unorthodox yet charming appeareance. From early cost savings to great durability and minimal maintenance, stained concrete floors houston are a great choice basically in every building or renovation project. In addition to that Stained concrete just looks absolutely amazing on a floor. The multi colored displays are absolutely amazing to the naked eye.

A few benefits of using stained concrete flooring include:
•    Durability: Stained concrete floorings are extremely durable and resistant to damage. Unlike some other flooring options, they will not warp, buckle, or flake. Its this durability coupled with an amazing aesthetic appearance which has made stained concrete such a fan favorite amongst most home owners.

•    Beauty: Concrete flooring professionally designed and installed is capable of getting a look similar to far more expensive flooring options like granite, marble, travertine etc. Usually stained concrete will give your flooring and shimmer that will be very pleasing aesthetically and this is its core characteristics it gives of a vibrant and colorful floor.

•    Low Maintenance: Stained concrete floors need very less maintenance as compared to other flooring options. These floors just have to be swept and mopped clean as required keeping their complete elegant look in check. At times, stained concrete floors in high traffic areas will have to be buffed or polished again in order to maintain their shine. However, that too is extremely affordable

•    Water Resistance: Stained concrete floors allow minute amounts of moisture to go through without leaving any negative results or effects behind. Stained concrete floors will not warp or rot, grow mold or mildew, or lose their color as compared to other flooring surfaces, when exposed to moisture from anywhere.

•    Sustainability: Since concrete is energy efficient to product, is formed from local products, and makes the use of recycled or waste products hence manufactured stained concrete floors are a sustainable building material.

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Acid Stain Houston

Envision a strong shading framework that reveals its own extraordinary look. For example, fine art, there are no two Stained Concrete floors that are vague. A prismatic, typical look is the final product and there is no consistency in the finished outcome. Each has its own attributes and perfection, they can't be replicated and that is the charm of the concrete staining process as a interminable measure of results can be made. The shading won't chip, sever or wear; the stain enters the strong solid surface.

Concrete Acid Stain in Houston is really getting up to speed its distinction. It is a to a great degree sharp corrosive stain which is used with a specific end goal to shading old and in addition new cements. The Concrete stain gets a concoction response with a cured surface which gives a noticeable changeless mottled shading and a slight marble-like look. Recolored Concrete cannot be replicated as it gives a one of a kind and customized look.

Corrosive strong stains contain phosphoric eroding as well as tender hydrochloric acid alongside inorganic metallic salts. The acids open the pores in the solid, and in a short time later the salts react with the chemicals in the solid to make needed shading. Dependent upon the age and porosity of the solid, the salts are found up in moving degrees and convey unmistakable shades of shading. The finished strong surface has a vacillated shading sway that is by all accounts like marble or basic stone. Since the right compound makeup of each solid lump is; no two solid stain floors at any point turned out correctly the same.

Based upon the current situation in Houston, if, you are renovating then you ought to go for a corrosive recolored floor as they will take every necessary step for you with a problem free solution.
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Monday, 6 March 2017

Pros Of Having A Stained Concrete Floor

Stained concrete as you might know is all the rage nowadays. stained concrete floors in Houston TEXAS. Hence if you are going to get a stained concrete floor you should know about some of the advantages that are affiliated with a stained concrete floor.


It is amongst one of the most durable materials around town. Concrete is a hard material and hence it does not wear and tear as easily as other materials.

Doesn’t Damage Easily

Furthermore adding to the durability is its incredible tensile strength. A concrete floor doesn’t bend or break under PRESSURE. However it’s altogether another matter if you go after it with a jack hammer with full force that will obviously ensure that the concrete gives WAY. Apart from that its one of the toughest materials around town.


Concrete is surprisingly inexpensive. Hence you can install it and even remove it at only a fraction of the costs that it would take for you to install a floor of another material. For e.g a wooden or carpeted floor can be a really expensive proposition to remove.


Contrary to popular belief concrete can actually help keeping your home warm and TOASTY. The concrete usually conserves HEAT, and hence it is usually a lot warmer in houses which have concrete floors.


This is perhaps the best part concrete floors are easily customized and hence you can select from a variety of available alternatives respectively.

If you are searching for someone who will install custom concrete flooring in your house I can’t think of a better option than to make you visit as they are amongst the best contractors who are based in Houston Texas.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Why You Should Prefer Concrete Flooring Over Wood Flooring?

It has been an extensive debate regarding which flooring is better for interior construction, wood or concrete? Many Houston based concrete contractors claim that concrete flooring is a better preference due to its water-resistance nature. Moreover, it is actually the advanced version of old-fashioned wood flooring.

Well, after personal observation it is found out that concrete contractors in Houston are actually relatively trustworthy than wood or tile flooring builders. Why? Because the concrete flooring is like the modern version of wood flooring and so is their contractors.

Moreover, different researches admit that concrete floor is way cheaper than wood flooring and ranges around $2-7 per square foot. In such an economical price, it provides a plain grey slab with a glistening sheen. So, it is evident that concrete flooring as well as its contractors in Houston area is certainly more cost-effective than any other kind of flooring, and probably a better investment than wood flooring.

Besides this, the concrete flooring is present in a wide-spectrum of colors. The flooring has no particular color palette, and certainly it can be found in any color or design. But wood flooring lacks in this specific department. Even in terms of longevity and performance, it works better than carpeting or wood flooring because after a certain period they will need to be changed while concrete flooring is durable in nature. There is certain reason why it has higher durability than other kinds of flooring, firstly because it can radiate solar or heat energy while flooring can’t. Secondly, it can harbor decay, fungus, dust mites or any other allergens. These two factors make it the most long-lasting flooring. Concrete contractors in Houston are known as the pioneers in providing the right services, and this is why residents living there should go for concrete flooring over wood flooring, natural tiles, carpeting, vinyl wood, or any stained concrete.

In case you are looking for a reliable concrete contractor , I suggest using the services of Stamped Artistry as they are amongst one of the very best there is when it comes to customized installation of your floor.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Hiring A Contractor for Stained Concrete Work

In the attempts to make their floor appear aesthetically pleasing many homeowners are now flocking towards stained concrete, and due to this it has become a recent fad. However there remain only a handful of contractors who have successfully mastered the art of concrete flooring perfectly. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you find an affordable and efficient contractor at the earliest.

Check the Internet

Everything can be done digitally nowadays, and it’s no surprise so many individuals are now heading to online forums to find reliable help. If you are looking for Concrete Contractors in Houston, Stamped Artistry is a good option, due to their professionalism and expertise related to similar jobs.

Contact Potential Contractors

Widen your pool of potential candidates by selecting many potential contractors, and then compare and contrast them with each other to see who the best available option is.

Get Estimates from Contractors

Consider all of the contractors, and then proceed to get written estimates from the top 3 potential finalists, and again compare and contrast who is offering the best price and quality. Then when you feel like you have the perfect candidate, proceed forward.

Cover your Basis

Do your due diligence and find out if your contractor has the necessary documentation and permits to do the job. It is essential that you conduct a thorough and extensive background check.

Sign of the Dotted Line

If you are satisfied with everything proceed to sign the contract, and work out the little gritty details that follow.

Provide Payment On Time

If you are satisfied with the work, and the contractor has fulfilled his part of the bargain it’s time to pay up. Make sure that you reward the contractor if he has done a good job.  A good day’s work deserves a decent pay

Well that’s about it, and this is all you need for the construction of your dreams to come true. Now get out there and start planning the Palace of your dreams, and make sure you don’t miss out on every single detail.