Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Why You Should Prefer Concrete Flooring Over Wood Flooring?

It has been an extensive debate regarding which flooring is better for interior construction, wood or concrete? Many Houston based concrete contractors claim that concrete flooring is a better preference due to its water-resistance nature. Moreover, it is actually the advanced version of old-fashioned wood flooring.

Well, after personal observation it is found out that concrete contractors in Houston are actually relatively trustworthy than wood or tile flooring builders. Why? Because the concrete flooring is like the modern version of wood flooring and so is their contractors.

Moreover, different researches admit that concrete floor is way cheaper than wood flooring and ranges around $2-7 per square foot. In such an economical price, it provides a plain grey slab with a glistening sheen. So, it is evident that concrete flooring as well as its contractors in Houston area is certainly more cost-effective than any other kind of flooring, and probably a better investment than wood flooring.

Besides this, the concrete flooring is present in a wide-spectrum of colors. The flooring has no particular color palette, and certainly it can be found in any color or design. But wood flooring lacks in this specific department. Even in terms of longevity and performance, it works better than carpeting or wood flooring because after a certain period they will need to be changed while concrete flooring is durable in nature. There is certain reason why it has higher durability than other kinds of flooring, firstly because it can radiate solar or heat energy while flooring can’t. Secondly, it can harbor decay, fungus, dust mites or any other allergens. These two factors make it the most long-lasting flooring. Concrete contractors in Houston are known as the pioneers in providing the right services, and this is why residents living there should go for concrete flooring over wood flooring, natural tiles, carpeting, vinyl wood, or any stained concrete.

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